What is Orphan Hosting?

Orphan hosting provides children an amazing opportunity to be loved by a family and see life outside their orphanage, but more importantly, it connects potential forever families to these children who may never have had a chance at being part of a family.

The Tetreault Family

The Tetreault Family

To families that may have reservations about hosting:

”We had never really thought much about fostering or hosting children, but we suddenly had an undeniable urge to host two orphans from Ukraine for the summer. They arrived, and it was love at first sight. I can honestly say I have never felt a love like this before. To know that I am helping a child who needs me, and who needs love more than anything else - is the most fulfilling feeling. I find so much joy in showing them that they matter, and that they have value. It is not always easy and it can be uncomfortable, but I know I will never regret our decision to make a difference in this child’s life. I am certain that both our family and our Ukrainian girls will be changed by this experience forever.” 
— Noah and Amy Tetreault, from Southern Maine


Hosting an orphan child is a lot like going on a mission trip. Except you’re bringing the mission trip into your home where the entire family, and your community gets to be involved in giving the blessing, no matter how old or young. Bringing the mission trip home creates a beautiful cultural exchange between the host child, and the host family’s parents and siblings.

Host families intend to bless an orphan child, but often find they also receive an incredible blessing, as they give the child the gift of hope and love.


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