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Pass Along Project Request Form

The Pass Along Project is a cooperative effort between local community volunteers to collect and redistribute gently used clothing as age and gender specific "bundles".  Each bundle consists of enough clothing for a full week as a basic startup – similar to what most families purchase at the beginning of a school year.

Foster parents or their State Resource Worker simply need to fill out the form below hit submit and we will coordinate your delivery.

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Our Mission

The purpose of our organization is to strengthen families through community partnerships, services and programs.

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Get Involved

We all may not be in a position to adopt or foster

but we all CAN do something!


Be a voice

Learn their names, the statistics and ways you can speak out and be a voice for those who have none.

Volunteer opportunities

We all have gifts and ways we can help a vulnerable child in need. 

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Make a donation to help support our BeLoved and to help us continue to do this important work!


Our Programs

Monthly Support Group

Together with Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine we host a Monthly Support group at Curtis Lake Church in Sanford.  We provide relevant training and fun Parent nights out. Childcare is provided and all trainings and events are free of charge.

The Mentoring Project

We are currently serving children in Southern Maine through our mentoring program.  We provide training and resources for our mentors as they engage with youth in our state foster care system.  

"Every child is one caring adult away from being a success story" -Josh Shipp

Beds for Kids Campaign 2018

This spring we have a goal to raise $10,000 to provide beds and car seats to vulnerable children and families in Southern Maine.  We are working with Central Furniture in Sanford and will be providing beds/car seats to families in need this year.

Resources and Support

BeLoved is a place for families to access resources and community connections to build and strengthen their family.  Our team are strong advocates for children and families in our state and region.  We work to connect existing ministries and organizations to better serve families in our communities.

     The Forgotten Initiative in Southern Maine


"It has been a pleasure working with Marie. I had a family that needed a bed for the mom and child. Mom had a muscle issue and was sleeping on the floor she had given the blow up mattress to her son she did not even have bedding.  If it was not for the care of the ministry she would still have nothing.  The ministry provided mom a bed the kid a bed and bedding. The mom was so happy she cried. At Christmas the ministry provided gifts for kids and teens. If it was not for the gifts especially for the teens they would not have had any gifts at all."

Rebecca Plourde, Office of Child and Family Services, Maine